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Millennial midsummer melody

It was midday
On a Monday.
Such a Monday
The Mamas and the Papas
When they sang:
"Monday, Monday".

Oh, it was warm!
The sun shined 
Lambent the noon light,
Asphalt was burning
On that
Monday morning.

Oh, I said morning?
Thought, it was midday.
Never mind.
My memories decrease
After one decade
Of decadent time
And degenerated dusk.

Was that brusque?
My mood back then
Was levitation,
My heart beat
Pumped no devastation,
But "Monday, Monday"
On the street.

Oh, I miss that heat!
It was the last time
I felt peace.
Have gone and will,
Like that silly melody:
"Monday, Monday, so good to me".

So good to me?
A song only from parent times
Of love 
And days and weeks.
For me it was that Monday tune
And that special heat.

That was Eden in a second
When time stood 
Like a salted pillar.
Bye-bye my youth,
Bye-bye Sodom,
I look back
In my mirror.
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